“An excellent EP – really eclectic, fantastic production, great vocals, quirky, using all sorts of textures and soundscapes. It gets my thumbs up for originality and for not being afraid to push the boundaries and try new sounds. Beautiful arrangements, very very unusual and engaging, it draws you in. There is no denying the musicianship and the artistry of Jess Hall.”
– David Durrant, Under the Radar

“Jess Hall has been compared to Bjork, PJ Harvey and Edith Piaf. In esteemable company she may be but she is worthy of grand comparisons”
– Robert Owens the South Wales Echo

“Un o nweydd-ddyfodiaid mwya’ diddorol y sin weryn yw Jess Hall”
– Non Tudur, Golwg

“She’s fabulous. Others have compared her sound to Edith Piaf, Bjork and PJ Harvey, and I can see the resemblance.”
– Juxtaposed Welsh Music blog

“I saw Jess Hall perform in Mid Wales, this is seriously good music. Hints of Bat for Lashes, Brecht and Weil, Piaf, Kate Bush and Tom Waits delivered by a voice that drifts between the ethereal and the gutsy.”
– Greg Cullen, (Herald Angel Award winning Playwright)

“Jess Hall brings the influence of Meredith Monk mixed with trip-hop beats and a dose of Piaf from the Radnorshire hinterland. Her voice paints vivid word pictures, framed and dissected with unusual directness and soulfulness while remaining eerily other-worldly. It’s all delivered beautifully with expert phrasing and supreme sangfroid, ably assisted by the multi-talented Noel Doak. You can almost touch the words and hear the vista. A broad palate, mixed seamlessly to provide a scintillating and truly unique experience!”
–       John Hywel Morris, PRS for Music

“She mixes technology and performance, language and idiom, traditional and modern in a way that is unique to her and new to us it is no surprise that she has trained as a visual artist and deliberately brings that discipline of examination and challenge to her work… she works in both English and Welsh, her particular and distinctive blend of the two is unusual in Wales… it offers a new chapter in the story of Welsh folk music… Her story is distinctive and rich and adds to Wales’ own.”
–       Danny KilBride, Director, trac: Music Traditions Wales 2013

“Highly accomplished musicians with a wealth of experience and a clear vision… They have a desire to establish a clear musical identity and pursue that goal with great integrity. As musicians, writers and performers I believe they deserve every encouragement and should be taken seriously.” – Charlie Francis, Producer 2013

“This extraordinary ‘Chanson de Tristess’ sounds like it’s from the French tradition in a way like Edith Piaf… I can imagine the song being performed in a smoky nightclub in Berlin in 1929 at the end of a cabaret… it goes somewhere really special I think, like Bjork, like PJ Harvey: these heroines who have innovated, who have defied the established order. And the words are also worth paying attention to, there are some pearls there. God damn they’re good lines! 9/10”
– BBC Radio Cymru C2, Rhodri Llwyd Morgan of Cerrig Melys
Semi-finals of Brwydr y Bandiau, Battle of the Bands contest 2010.

“A unique sound and a lot of potential. Fantastic! An excellent and different voice! There is a need for someone like you in the Welsh scene!”
– Elin Fouladi, singer/songwriter, BBC Radio Cymru regional judge, 2010

“I would be in my element listening to a whole album.”
– Hefin Jones, Welsh Music Foundation, BBC Radio Cymru regional judge, 2010


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