Edinburgh Fringe, here we come


I am more than a little excited to say that ‘The Jess Hall Project’ – Noel Doak and I, will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Acoustic Music Centre Aug 5, 7 & 8… Wwwaaaaaa! We’re playing two 1hour sets on 5 & 7th then a hootenanny on 8th with the amazing Beverly Martyn, Mark Pavey and the Dark Philosophers feat. Beverley Martyn plus the fabulousIdrissa Camara and Olion Byw. Thanks to Marc J Pavey and Alana Tyson for organising. It is going to be so good. x
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Artist Development Programme

The second week of the Artist Development Programme was an awesome experience: motivating, inspiring, thought-provoking, practical and encouraging. From a bursting timetable of amazing professionals we learned about stage skills, managers, agents, PR, music trade fairs, international touring… The concert on Friday was fantastic too: Noel came up, I played a grand piano, and Idrissa an Mohammad Camera joined us on percussion. I also enjoyed singing harmonies with Gwyneth Glyn and Sian James. So with re-newed commitment and determination…. watch this space…

Cyfweliad Radio Cymru

My interview with the lovely Georgia Ruth was fun, it was a great experience to do a Welsh language interview – a little bit hard as I don’t get many chances to use my welsh these days but not bad actually! Starts at 1:47.35, lasts about 8m and then my song ‘Criwch Ddim’.


Dyma’r cyfweliad gyda’r Georgia Ruth hyfryd, yn dechrau am 1:47.35 yn para am tua 8munud ac wedyn yn chwarae fy nghan ‘Criwch Ddim’. Profiad dda i gael cyfweliad cymraeg, tipyn yn galed achos dwi ddim yn cael llawer o siawns i ymarfer fy nghymraeg dyddiau yma ond ddim yn wael!


Had a wicked gig at Landed Festival with Noel Doak! Woo such fun! Thanks to all who came! We really enjoyed playing out our new sound with Double Bass It goes so well with the piano and the vibe of the music, and the electronic drum tracks sounded phat and thumping on the main stage sound system! Two new songs revealed too called ‘Belong’ and ‘La La Low’. Looking forward to good things to come Thanks everyone x x x

“A festival of the finest folk musicians from Wales”

Last Friday I performed in this culminating concert of Trac Cymru‘s ‘Expanding Horizons’ artists for international development programme. It was an absolutely awesome first week of inspiration and motivation and the highlight for me was meeting the other amazing musicians and wonderful people. Ballet NimbaMark PaveyTanya Walker BrownCALANOlion Byw, Gwyneth Glyn & Sian James. It was particularly exhilarating to collaborate with Idrissa Camera of Ballet Nimba, Mark Pavey, Bethan & Sam from Calan and Sioned Webb – incorporating African percussion, Welsh harp, accordion and guitar into my songs. Diolch o galon Daniel KilBrideBlanche RowenGwenno Roberts and Angharad for organising and supporting. Horizons most definitely expanded! Lots of ideas for taking my music forward. Can’t wait until the next week in June. Diolch diolch diolch! Cariad, Jess xxx

Artist Development Programme

I’m delighted to have been chosen for the Artist Development Programme!

It will give me an opportunity to focus on my music and provide me with the skills, advice and encouragement to develop my career as an artist. I’m very excited, the first week-long residency course is in a month’s time.

From the Cerdd Cymru press release: “Eight sets of Welsh musicians have been chosen to benefit from an advanced training programme that will involve intensive and detailed work with some of the world music industry’s top managers, producers and marketers. They are: Cardiff based African music and dance company Ballet Nimba, Welsh folk band Calan, Welsh singer-songwriter and poet Gwyneth Glyn, Llandrindod based singer-songwriter Jess Hall, Llandudno based musician Mark Pavey, Glamorgan based folk duo Olion Byw, Welsh folk singer Siân James and Brecon based singer-songwriter Tanya Walker.

The Artist Development Programme is a partnership between Trac, Music Traditions Wales, and Bangor University Music School. It is designed to offer Wales based musicians the kind of high level, professional skills that are usually only available to those signed to big record labels.

WOMEX is the most important international professional market of world music, and in October 2013 it comes to Cardiff. Hosting WOMEX in Cardiff is seen as a catalyst for further development of the world music industry across Wales, and in particular as a way of raising the ambitions of musicians in Wales to work and export their music internationally. An on-going programme of development is in in place to support musicians in Wales towards this aim, with the view of using WOMEX 13 as the launch-pad for more engagement with international agents, buyers, festival promoters etc. The Artist Development Programme is a key part of this programme and the aim is to prepare the eight chosen to do business at WOMEX 13, although this is just the beginning of the journey in terms of marketing and promoting themselves internationally.”