Glas Oren EP Release

Glas Oren EP Release 3 April 2014

The EP was recorded at the idyllic Giant Wafer Studios, Powys, with renowned Cardiff-based producer Charlie Francis (who has worked with bands such as REM, Sweet Baboo, The Noisettes, Future of the Left). It was mastered in Oxford by Tim Turan of Turan Audio.

It will be available to buy at the live gigs and HERE after release on 03/04/2014

I am almost deliriously happy – working with such a pro producer helped turn my sonic ideals into reality. I think my favourite is No.4 ‘I Chwerthin’, but I love them all, especially the Tom Waits-esque percussion on ‘Criwch Ddim’ (which involved a bucket and a radiator), the layered vocals in ‘Two Wild Birds’, the intensity of ‘La La Low’, plus of course, Noel’s impelling drums and double-bass throughout. Hope you enjoy x