Edinburgh Fringe, here we come


I am more than a little excited to say that ‘The Jess Hall Project’ – Noel Doak and I, will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Acoustic Music Centre Aug 5, 7 & 8… Wwwaaaaaa! We’re playing two 1hour sets on 5 & 7th then a hootenanny on 8th with the amazing Beverly Martyn, Mark Pavey and the Dark Philosophers feat. Beverley Martyn plus the fabulousIdrissa Camara and Olion Byw. Thanks to Marc J Pavey and Alana Tyson for organising. It is going to be so good. x
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Artist Development Programme

The second week of the Artist Development Programme was an awesome experience: motivating, inspiring, thought-provoking, practical and encouraging. From a bursting timetable of amazing professionals we learned about stage skills, managers, agents, PR, music trade fairs, international touring… The concert on Friday was fantastic too: Noel came up, I played a grand piano, and Idrissa an Mohammad Camera joined us on percussion. I also enjoyed singing harmonies with Gwyneth Glyn and Sian James. So with re-newed commitment and determination…. watch this space…

Cyfweliad Radio Cymru

My interview with the lovely Georgia Ruth was fun, it was a great experience to do a Welsh language interview – a little bit hard as I don’t get many chances to use my welsh these days but not bad actually! Starts at 1:47.35, lasts about 8m and then my song ‘Criwch Ddim’.


Dyma’r cyfweliad gyda’r Georgia Ruth hyfryd, yn dechrau am 1:47.35 yn para am tua 8munud ac wedyn yn chwarae fy nghan ‘Criwch Ddim’. Profiad dda i gael cyfweliad cymraeg, tipyn yn galed achos dwi ddim yn cael llawer o siawns i ymarfer fy nghymraeg dyddiau yma ond ddim yn wael!